157054_476037703738_7011973_nAUTHOR: Lidia Falcón O´Neill

PLACE OF BIRTH: Barcelona (Spain)

UNIVERSITY DEGREES: Degree in Law. Degree in Journalism (University of Barcelona), Studies in Dramatic Art (Theatre Institute). Studies in Doctor’s Degree on Civil, Commercial, Constitutional and Labour Law.
Doctor’s Degree in Philosophy.
Practising lawyer specialized in Labour, Political and Family Law.

Contributing to Spanish journals: Madrid, Informaciones, El País (The Country), Diario 16, El Mundo (The World), El Independiente (The Independent), Barcelona .El Periódico de Cataluña (The Journal of Catalonia), El Diario de Barcelona (The Journal of Barcelona), El Noticiero Universal de Barcelona (The Universal Newspaper of Barcelona). Bilbao. Deia.

Contributing to Spanish magazines: Triunfo (Triumph), Cuadernos para el diálogo (Notebooks for a dialogue), Presencia (Presence), Ilustración Femenina (Female Illustration), Siluetas (Silhoutes), Lecturas ( Readings), Liceo, el Hogar y la Moda (Home and Fashion), Sábado Gráfico (Graphic Saturday), Interviú (Interview), Tiempo (Times), Elle, Mujeres (Women), Vindicación Feminista (Feminist Vindication), Poder y Libertad Power and Freedom).

  • Member of the Executive Commitee of United Nations’ Friends Association in Barcelona. Chairwoman of the Women’s Rights Section. Treasurer of the Executive Commitee.
  • Member of the Spanish Delegation to the World Peace Assembly (Budapest, 1971).
  • Member of the first meeting on Women’s Rights (Madrid, 1975).
  • Participant in the International Tribunal against Crimes on Women (Brussels, March 1976).
  • Participant in «Les Jornades Catalanas de la Dona» (Catalonian Conferences on Woman), Barcelona (May 1976).
  • Foundress and Director of Review Feminist Vindication (1976) and Power and Freedom (Poder y Libertad) (1979). Foundress of the Feminist Collective (1975). Foundress of the Feminist Revolutionary Organization (1977) and of the Feminist Party (1975). Foundress of and participant in the Spanish and International Feminist Movement.
  • Participant in the mobilizations of the Spanish Feminist Movement asking for a legal and constitutional equality. Author of the divorce law which was accepted by 37 feminist organization in 1980.
  • Participant in the «No violence on women anymore» march and she talked on behalf of the Spanish feminist movement in the Capitolio of San Juan (Puerto Rico) on December 1983.
  • Rewarded by the Senate of Puerto Rico in gratitude for her international feminist fitgh (January , 1984).
  • Participant in the International Strategy Meeting in New York (November, 1984).
  • Participant in the Women Decade Forum in Nairobi (June, 1985).
  • Participant in the Opening Session of the Committee for European Women’s Rights in Brussels (January, 1986).
  • Participant in the International Women Play Writers Conference (Buffalo, October 1988).
  • Foundress member of the European Women’s Lobby , in London (November, 1988).
  • Participant and lecturer in the Feminist 
  • Book Fair which were held in London, Oslo, Montreal, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Melbourne. (1984,1986,1988,1990,1992,1994)
  • Since 1982 up to today she has given lectures and courses on feminist subjects in the Universities of the United States and Puerto Rico.
  • Member of the Steering Committee of the international organization SISTERHOOD IS GLOBAL, central office in New York, New Zealand, Montreal.
  • Publish thousands of articles in the daily newspapers and in magazines of general information. She collaborates with international feminist magazines. Director and editor of Power and Freedom magazine which belongs to the Spanish Feminist Party. Director of Feminist Vindication Publications.
  • Took part in four collective books, the last one Sisterhood is global: An anthology regarding women’s situation in eighty different countries.
  • Participant in working debates on Maastricht Treaty in Le Garde Frenet (France) in 1992.
  • Participant in Spanish Speaking Dramatist Women Congress in Cincinnati, U.S.A in 1994.
  • Participant in Women Forum, in Hairou (Beijing) presenting two panels on «Feminist Publications» and «Women and Political Power», en August 1995.
  • Constitution of Confederation of Feminist Organizations COFEM-FEMEK with feminist groups from all the Spanish State to present a list of women candidates to 1999 European Elections in June 1996.
  • Participant as COFEM-FEMEK candidate to 1999 European Elections.


  • Feminist Vindication Review, 1976 (Revista Vindicación Feminista) Editorship of Feminist Editions (Ediciones de Feminismo S.A) Barcelona 1976.
  • Feminist Group, Barcelona 1976.
  • Feminist Revolutionary Organization, Barcelona, 1977.
  • Feminist Party of Catalonia, 1979 (Partit Feminista de Catalunya).
  • Feminist Party of Spain, 1979 (Partido Feminista de España) she is presiding at the present time.
  • Founder and director of Power and Liberty Revue, 1979.(Revista Poder y Libertad).
  • Feminist Vindication Club, Barcelona, 1980.
  • Women International Network-Sisterhood is Global with headquarters in the U.S.A, 1984.
  • Feminist Vindication Club of Madrid, 1986.
  • Editorship of Feminist Vindication Publications, Madrid 1988.
  • Founding of Confederation of Feminist Organizations of Spain with the Feminist Party of Catalonia and the Feminist Party of Euskal Herria (Basque Provinces) presenting feminist candidates to European Parliament elections in 1999.
  • Founding the Permanent Court of Crimes Against Women in Madrid. Founding the Federation of The Permanent Courts of Crime Against Women in Spain. (2001)


  • Participant in I International Fair of Feminist Books London, 1984.
  • Participant in II International Fair of Feminist Books, Oslo, Norway, 1986.
  • Participant en III International Fair of Feminist Books, Montreal Canada, 1988.
  • Participant in IV International Fair of Feminist Books, Barcelona, 1990.
  • Participant in V International Fair of Feminist Books, Amsterdam, Holland, 1992.
  • Participant in VI International Fair of Feminist Books, Melbourne, Australia, 1994.
  • She has been imparting courses and giving lectures about feminism since 1978 up to date:
  • Spain: Courses on «History of Feminist Movement», Complutense University, Madrid. Courses on «History of the Feminist Thinking», Autónoma University, Madrid. 
  • Courses on «Women and Political Power», Cultural Atheneum of Leganés, Madrid.
  • University of Caracas, Venezuela.
  • Universities of Zurich and Bern, Switzerland.

United States of America.


  • Boston University, Technological Institute, Massachusetts.
  • Amherst and Dormouth Universities, Massachusetts.
  • Rutgers, Montclaire College and Lafayette Universities, New Jersey.
  • Universities of Adelphi, Saint John’s, CUNY, SUNY, Columbia, New York.
  • Los Angeles University, La Jolla University, Clairmont, Network Occidental College, Santa Marta and San Diego en California.
  • Jamestown University in the State of New York.
  • Universities of Cincinnatti, Cleveland and Wooster in Ohio.
  • Vanderbilt University, Tennesse.
  • State College, Pennsylvania.
  • Florida and Gainsville University, Florida.
  • George Washington and Georgetown Universities, Washington D.C.
  • Harvard University, Boston.
  • Kentucky University, Kentucky.


  • Montclair University (New Jersey)

Puerto Rico:

  • Universidad Interamericana, San Juan de Puerto Rico.
  • Universidad de Puerto Rico, Campus of Cayey, Río Piedras and San Juan.

University of Montreal, Quebec.


  • University of La Trobe, Melbourne.
  • University of Monash, Melbourne.
  • University of South Australia, Adelaide
  • Sydney University, Sydney.

Lecturing in Venezuela, Peru, U.S.A., Canada, Israel, Japan, China, Egypt, Kenya, Australia, France, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Holland, China.

  • Opening conference of the course on «History of Feminist Movement», Lima 1998.
  • Opening Conference of the XXV Congress of Anthropology Sonora University, Mexico, February 2000.
  • Opening Conference about Violence against Women, Mexico D.F. 2006.


Published 38 books: Essays on different subjects about work, education, politics, family, sexuality, reproduction. Three autobiographies, novels, chronicles concerning the present time in Spain, poetry, and theatre plays.

  • Sustituciones y Fideicomisos. Legal investigation. Ed. Nereo. Barcelona, 1962.
  • Historia del Trabajo. Essay. Ed. Plaza y Janés. Barcelona, 1963.
  • Los Derechos Civiles de la Mujer. Legal investigation. Ed. Nereo. Barcelona, 1963.
  • Los Derechos Laborales de la Mujer. Legal investigation. Ed. Montecorvo. Madrid, 1964.
  • Mujer y Sociedad. – Análisis de un fenómeno reaccionario-. Essay. Ed.Fontanella. Barcelona. (5 ediciones) 1969, 1971, 1973, 1984, 1996. Traslated in french by Livrairie Des Femmes, 1977.
  • Cartas a una Idiota Española. Ed. Dirosa. Barcelona, 1974. (10 ediciones, 1974, 1975, 1975, 1976, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979). Ed. Vindicación Feminista Publicaciones. Madrid, 1989. Traslated in french, Ed. Des Femmes. París, 1975. Traslated in danish Ed. Gyldendal, Copenhague, 1977.
  • Es largo esperar callado. Novel. Ed. Pomaire. Barcelona, 1975. Ed. Hacer-Vindicación. Barcelona, 1984. 
  • En el Infierno. – Ser mujer en las cárceles de España-. Ediciones de Feminismo, 1977 . (2 ediciones). Traslated in french, Livrairie Des Femmes 1975.
  • Los Hijos de los Vencidos. Memorias. Ed. Pomaire. Barcelona, 1978. Vindicación Feminista, publicaciones, Madrid. 1989.
  • La Razón Feminista. Tomo I. – La mujer como clase social y económica. El modo de producción doméstico-. Essay. Barcelona, 1981.
  • Viernes y 13 en la Calle del Correo. Ed. Planeta. Barcelona, 1981.
  • La Razón Feminista. Tomo II. – La reproducción humana-. Essay. Ed. Fontanella. Barcelona, 1982. Second edition, Vindicación Feminista, Madrid, 1994.
  • El Juego de la Piel. Novela. Ed. Argos Vergara. Barcelona, 1983.
  • El Alboroto Español.- Cronical of the political transition in Spain – Ed. Fontanella. Barcelona, 1984.
  • El Varón Español a la Búsqueda de su Identidad. Crónica. Ed. Plaza y Janés. Barcelona, 1984.
  • Rupturas. Novel. Ed. Fontanella. Barcelona. 1985. Ed. El Círculo de Lectores, Barcelona 1985, 1986, 1987. Vindicación Feminista Pub. Madrid, 1992.
  • Violencia contra la Mujer. Essay. Ed. El Círculo de Lectores. Barcelona, 1991. 2º edición, Ed. Vindicación Feminista Publicaciones. Madrid, 1991.
  • Camino Sin Retorno. Novel. Ed. Anthropos. Barcelona, 1992.
  • Mujer y Poder Político. – Thesis of the philosophal degree «cum laude». Ed. Vindicación Feminista Publicaciones. Madrid, 1992.
  • Postmodernos. Novel. Ed. Libertarias. Madrid, 1993.
  • Clara. Novel. Ed. Vindicación Feminista Publicaciones. Madrid, 1993.
  • Trabajadores del Mundo ¡RENDIOS!. Ed. Akal. Madrid, 1996.
  • Asesinando el Pasado. Novel. Ed. Vindicación Feminista Publicaciones. Madrid, 1997.
  • Amor, Sexo y Aventura en las Mujeres del Quijote. Essay. Ed. Vindicación Feminista. Madrid, 1997.
  • Memorias Políticas(1951-1981). Ed. Planeta. Barcelona, 1999.
  • Mirar Ardiente y Desgarrado. Ed. Vindicación Feminista – Maite Canal Editora, 2000. (Poesía)
  • Los Nuevos Mitos del Feminismo. Essay. Ed. Vindicación Feminista. Madrid, 2001.
  • La Hora más Oscura. Tres obras de Teatro. Ed. Vindicación Feminista. Madrid 2002.
  • La Vida Arrebatada. Memorias. Ed. Anagrama, Barcelona, 2003.
  • Las Nuevas Españolas. Ensayo. Ed. La Esfera de los Libros. Madrid, 2004.
  • La Violencia que no cesa. Articles.. Ed. Vindicación Feminista. Madrid, 2005. 
  • Al Fin Estaba Sola. Novel. Editorial Montesinos, Barcelona. 2007.
  • UNA MUJER DE NUESTRO TIEMPO . Novela . Ediciones de Intervención Cultural, S.L . Madrid , 2009 .


  • La Liberación de la Mujer Año 0. Capítulo III, La opresión de la mujer: una incógnita». Ed. Granica. Barcelona, 1977.
  • Sisterhood is Global. Capítulo «Spain: Women are the conscience of our country». Edited by Robin Morgan. Ed. Anchor Press and Doubleday. New York. 1984. Traslated to Spanish. MUJERES DEL MUNDO. Ed. Vindicación Feminista Publicaciones-Hacer. Barcelona, 1982.
  • Flora Tristán. Peregrinaciones de una paria. Edited by José M.Gómez Tabanera. Ed. Istmo, Colegio Universitario. Madrid, 1986.
  • Dramaturgas Españolas de Hoy.. – Una introducción-. Patricia W. O’Connor. Published the play «No moleste, calle y pague, señora». Ed. Espiral. 
  • Dramaturgas españolas.- Patricia W. O’Connor. Madrid, 2006.


  • En el Futuro – Barcelona, 1957.
  • Un poco de Nieve Blanca.- Barcelona, 1958.
  • Los que siempre Ganan.- Barcelona, 1970.
  • Con el Siglo.- Barcelona, 1982. «DONES I CATALUNYA».
  • Premier in Olite, 1982; Atenas, 1982, International Festival of Theater Barcelona, 1983.
  • Las Mujeres Caminaron con el Fuego del Siglo – Atenas 1982, Barcelona, 1982, 1983, 1984, 2000, 2003, New York, 1983, San Juan de Puerto Rico, 1983, Búfalo, 1988.
  • Calle, pague y no moleste señora.- Barcelona, 1983. Premier Barcelona; Madrid First International Festival Feminist Theater. Published in review «Estreno» University of Cincinnati.
  • ¡Parid, Parid Malditas!.- Barcelona, 1983. Barcelona, 1986, 1988.
  • Siempre busqué el Amor.- Madrid, 1983. Published Vindicación Feminista Publicaciones, Madrid, 2000. Premier Sevilla, 2001.
  • La Hora más Oscura.- Sitges, (Barcelona) 1987. Vindicación Feminista Publicaciones, Madrid, 2001.
  • Mi único Amor.- Madrid, 1990. Review «Art Teatral». Valencia, 1991.
  • Emma.- Madrid, 1991 Musical Comedy. Vindicación Feminista, Publicaciones, Madrid, 2001.
  • Atardeceres – Madrid, 1995. Vindicación Feminista, Publicaciones, Madrid 2001.
  • Three Spanish Idiots – MONOLOGUE IN THREE ACTS – Traslated english «Tres idiotas españolas». Premier Canberra (Australia).
  • ¡Vamos a por todas! — Madrid, 2001. Asociación Autores de Teatro, Madrid 2002.